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Sunday School Superintendant
Sunday School Superintendant - Elder Adrian Haymond
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The Peace Apostolic Church Sunday School consider it a privilege and a calling of God to serve you and your kids on a weekly basis.  It is our desire that each child comes to know Jesus in a real way early in their life and build a foundation that will not be shaken.

Our Mission Statement, Peace Apostolic Church Sunday School exists to help kids know, accept, follow and become more like Jesus, reveals not only our desire but is the guiding force for every decision we make regarding the care of your children.

Purpose Statement : To Create a

§         Virtue Driven Kid Focused

§         Family Friendly 

§         Creatively Wired

§         Volunteer Fueled

§         Reflexive Ministry

so that the kids of PACSS will have a safe environment for effective teaching of the bible using creative communications. Each weekend experience provides the most exciting and relevant approach for your child’s development stage:

Toddler  (11/2 thru 3yrs old)

Nursery  (4yrs old thru 5yrs old)

Beginner  (1st grade thru 2nd grade)

Primary  (2nd grade thru 3rd grade)

Pre-Teen  (5th grade thru 6th grade)

Safety for Your Child

The safety of your child is our utmost concern!  We have incorporated the following policies and procedures to ensure their safety at all times. 
Content for each class
  • Schedule
  • Topics
  • Reading assignments
  • Memory Verses
  • Goals
  • Resources
  • Curriculum
  • Events

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